Art Therapy

How I work as a Creative Art Therapist in Sydney

About Art Therapy

Art psychotherapy is a creative way of combining therapeutic theory and art processes to personally express and communicate feelings. You’ve lost connection with yourself, nothing seems to work for you any more raising that familiar feeling of nothing’s good enough.

You can’t avoid painful life experiences but you can work to recover from these experiences. I know through my own therapy that creativity was a way to move forward and make better-informed choices.

I’m a creative and intuitive art therapist who focuses on building a therapeutic relationship with you. Through this connection insightful and deep healing can happen. Problems that have been challenging and hard to overcome are often unconscious and keep recurring.

Without the set up of a sacred safe place and with a warm and empathetic therapist it is difficult to get to those hard places to grow and move on.

The pain you have now can be transformed as you open yourself up to possibility, choice, creativity and aliveness. You don’t need to be artistic, just your raw imagination and a willingness to deeply explore and create is all you need.

girl drawing

Creative Arts Therapy

Art psychotherapy is a useful tool that I use in conjunction with Gestalt therapy. Art therapy helps you get in touch with and express feelings that may be lurking under the surface. It is a gateway to your inner world as it bypasses your rational mind and taps into the deeper layers of your feelings and thoughts.

Like Gestalt therapy, the relationship between you and I is of utmost importance during the process. Art therapy helps build trust between you and I.

Trust is essential to our relationship as you need to feel safe and secure so that you can do the work that you need to do to transform.

Sometimes, it is easier to express yourself with art than it is to reveal parts of yourself in words. This is especially true for feelings and thoughts that you may find difficult to articulate in words.

I use crayons and paper for the most part when doing Art therapy. In groups, I often use a range of materials such as paints, collage material, paper and clay.

Art therapy has nothing to do with how skilled you are in art; it is about the content you create and what it means to you.

Art therapy provides emotional release and healing leading to greater self-discovery, self-esteem, and self-confidence. It helps you let go of the past creating more freedom to express your unique self.

Types of Art Therapy

Imagine your inner creator awakened, your deepest desire to feel self-expressed and valued as an individual. Everyone has an inner artist within them and art therapy is a way to express something personal and meaningful to you.

I’ll help you develop new ways of thinking by providing practical and creative exercises to lighten your heavy heart. Together we awaken your inner creator, bringing you back into your brilliance and vitality.

We’ll work together to move the stuck energy so you can rediscover your intuition, spontaneity and freedom. Opening you up to possibility, choice, creativity and aliveness.

All of this is possible in working with me either in individual sessions or in group work supporting you and your vision.

paint canvas
Women painting a picture

Getting Started

Working Together

We start the journey by gathering information about the history of your problems and overall emotional and physical health.

I’ll explain a little more at how I work and how we can work together to achieve your goals.

Ideally, we meet weekly to maintain the synergy to make the changes that you’d like in your life.

We’ll evaluate how we are on track each week and re-evaluate our process and goals if they are needed.