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Psychotherapist Sydney | Affordable, effective therapy


Sydney Psychotherapy
& Counselling

A safe place to compassionately explore your troubles and heal the deeper layers of your mind, body and heart

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Carmel Catanuto is a friendly Psychotherapist in Sydney helping you feel secure and confident in your life and relationships

You deserve to feel loveable and to be loved. A Sydney counsellor with a practice in Oatley,  I’ll help you feel good about yourself and have more fulfilling relationships. You can start your journey towards love and fulfilment, 

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You’re down in the dumps and people don’t seem to respect you or care about you enough.

To top it off, you’re always putting yourself down, which makes you feel even worse.

It seems that your life is a constant uphill battle, you don’t have a choice and are fed up with not getting what you want.

What you want is to be loved deeply and to feel more self-love and joy.

As a psychotherapist in Sydney, the good news is therapy can guide you towards more love and fulfilment.

Signs of Low Self-Worth that Cause Stress and Pain

  • You compare yourself to others and feel you’re not “good enough”
  • You fear that if you reveal your “true self” people wont like you
  • You’re afraid that others will become upset or angry if you don’t please theme
  • You feel depressed, trapped, or hopeless about your life
  • You’re stressed about your current relationship
  • You’ve had a recent relationship break up and its crushed your confidence
  • Feeling stressed or anxious much of the time leads to worrying a lot
  • You neglect your own needs and desires while giving too much to others
  • You’re afraid you’ll never be worthy of a loving relationship

A Happier and More Rewarding Life Awaits You

As your psychotherapist and counsellor, I’ll gently show you how to heal so that you can become more loving towards yourself. When you feel worthy, you’ll be free to be YOU. When you can show your true self, people will be drawn to your confidence and strength.

As you respect yourself, others will respect you. You’ll get your needs met, and you’ll feel more fulfilled and happier. You’ll be stronger. When problems arise in your life, you’ll have the courage to face them. You’ll know that you’re resilient enough to prevent them from sending you spiralling down into the darkness again.

As an Experienced Counsellor in Sydney, I Can Help You

Express your needs and desires with confidence

Set boundaries with people that they need to respect

Develop the courage to express your authentic self

Feel more secure, improve communication and have more rewarding relationships

Gain clarity on what you want in your life and set goals to achieve your deepest dreams

Feel a sense of calm and joyfulness about your life, and where you’re headed

All of the above and more are possible when you work with me in therapy face-to-face or online.

I know it may be difficult to imagine that your life can be so much better. I can assure you that many of my clients have turned their lives around, and I have too!

There was a time where my self-worth was low. Fortunately, with therapy and my commitment to healing, I was able to bring myself up from the depths of my pain. I found the freedom to be me. I now have a rewarding life and a loving and genuine relationship.


I'm a caring, gentle and authentic psychotherapist in Sydney

I’m a non-judgemental therapist who will allow you the space to heal at your own pace.

I’m trained in several effective methods of therapy, which focus on healing at a deep level.

Once you get past the negative feelings you have about yourself, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel and how much better people will treat you. I will listen deeply to you as I assist you in overcoming the pain of your past to help you become who you truly are at your core — a loveable person.

Carmel Catanuto

You Deserve Better

If you resonate with me and my approach, Contact me for a free, no-obligation, 15-minute phone call. We’ll discuss your problems, and I will let you know how I can help. If we decide to work together, we’ll book a therapy session in my Oatley office or via video conference.

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