Woman in Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, the courage to transform your head and heart

Psychotherapy is an opportunity to re-gain lost connection with yourself, my purpose is to bring spirituality to women who’ve lost their connection. I believe that everyone has a pathway back to their heart, which never leaves them. It’s like a guiding star that opens them up to source.

What gets people to sit in a chair and share their most private thoughts their feelings and experiences with another human being?

Why psychotherapy helps you change

People come to therapy for many different reasons, they may have become disillusioned and disheartened with a part of their life and can’t find a way out. An unexpected life event happens and you’re thrown into overwhelm and unmanageability.

Relationships may be stuck on replay and become unbearable to stay in or in fact to leave, constant life disappointments beating you down till you can no longer stand it, perhaps an illness and the confrontation of your mortality is in front of you.

What to expect in psychotherapy

Some people have expectations that they’ll be fixed at the end of a session, some want to be told what to do, some resist when exploration starts and are looking at the door and want to leave, some just want to talk and stay where they are.

For some, it’s the first time that they have had the space to experience themselves with another person without judgement or pressure. 

It’s a sacred place to sit with another and open up, to delve deep and confront a part of yourself that you don’t like, to touch parts that long have been ignored, to discover your heart’s yearning, to go inwards reflect and understand your innermost workings. To understand what it’s like to connect with your deepest needs.

Counselling gives you choices

I liken therapy to when enough is enough and exhaustion meets a time and place we give way to something new to emerge, to come out of the closet, to blossom and to be revealed. The pain is what moves us to action to want to see a therapist.

Psychotherapy is like a dance of the mind, body, spirit and heart, sometimes these parts get out of sync with each other. Healing, growth and transformation happen in the room on all these levels. 

The therapeutic relationship develops over time bringing increased awareness and personal choice to what’s brought you to therapy.

Psychotherapy is the courage to be vulnerable

Plucking up the courage to see someone about a life event takes a lot of courage, it’s not an easy task to sit in a chair and open up. It’s not for the faint-hearted to awaken to what’s interrupted your life that needs your attention.

Something beautiful and powerful happens when there’s human to human contact, a someone that sees through and says: 

I get you? 

I hear you? 

I see you? 

I understand what you’re going through?

Psychotherapy is a process and not a destination to somewhere. Based on my personal experience of therapy and clients I work with, I know that therapy can help resolve pain and struggles.

It’s far more empowering to bring what’s hidden out into the known supporting greater resilience and taking charge of your own life. This has a domino effect and flows into the relationships you have with family, friends and colleagues.

Counselling supports balance from the inside

Who wouldn’t want peace of mind, the return of spontaneity and creativity, more joy and happiness, meaning and purpose to life, aligning with what one values in life and most of all an intimacy with yourself and the people you love.

I know that it can be difficult to imagine that life can be struggle free, all of this is possible as I’ve seen first hand how people have turned their lives around just like I have.

Whether you’re new to psychotherapy or are returning and have made the decision to understand yourself on a deeper level, having counselling will change you from the inside out bringing you an aliveness that otherwise lay dormant.

You’ve done well in coming this far, and if you’ve decided to leap into the depths of your soul, well done you!

 It takes a lot of courage to open yourself up to true intimacy with another human being. The road may get rocky as you navigate your way to new reference points and let go of outdated beliefs that used to run the show. You’re committing to valuing yourself increasing your self-esteem and that’s got to be a good thing because you’re worth it and the world needs you.

Do you need someone to listen and help you challenge outdated patterns about yourself, contact Carmel Catanuto on 0409 690 701 to discuss your needs further and how I may help?