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About Individual Therapy
Find your purpose and follow your true self

Individual Therapy

Is this your first time coming into therapy? No matter if this is your first time or one of many attempts I want to make your experience a good use of your time with realistic, achievable goals. 

Therapy can help you feel secure and confident in your life and relationships. As a therapist with offices in Oatley and Newtown, I'll help you feel good about yourself and have more fulfilling relationships.

You're mood is low and you can't shift it.

You're tired of not getting what you want .

You want to feel deeply and feel more self-love and joy.

You put yourself down and because it's not worth it.

The good thing about therapy is it will make you feel good and leads to a better fulfilling life. You deserve love and happier rewarding relationships.

At the time of starting therapy I was exploring a whole new vocation, one which in my heart I knew was aligned with my purpose, yet so much fear came up. I was able to come to a still point, I call ‘My sacred stillness of home.’ In this place, I was able to unravel my resistance to moving forward — Julie W

The journey of Therapy 

Sometimes therapy can be tough going, therapy will give you the skills to deal with problems that arise in your life, and you'll have the courge to face them. You'll gain a deeper understanding, awareness and insight on a deeper level  to prevent problems from sending you spirally down into darkness.

Therapy is deeply rewarding and gaining new skills is possible when you work with me. You'll feel better, gain confidence, and I can assure you that many of my clients have turned their lives around, and I have too. There was a time where my own self worth was low. Fortunately, I turned my life around with my own committment to healing. I was able to transform my pain into freedom.

With my help, you can do this.

As a trained Gestalt Therapist and Art Therapist, I'm caring and authentic and can support you with:

Relationship issues, with an intimate partner, family, friendships or work.
Major life changes such as grief and loss.
Spiritual emergence, personal development and growth. 
Strategies for managing stress and life balance.
Self-confidence, self-esteem and how you see yourself.
Low mood or anxiety, mental health, low mood, feeling hopeless or overwhelmed.
Meaning Making how am I living and what meaning do I make of my life.

I'm flexible and understanding. The bottom line is it is your therapy, and you make the decisions of what you want to get out of your time together.

If you resonate with me and my approach, contact me for a free, no-obligation, 15-minute phone call. You can tell me your problems and I will let you know how I can help.

If we decide to work together, we'll book a therapy session in my Oatley or Newtown office or via video conference.

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Supporting you in making
a choice in life decisions

Get your free copy of my “Creating change through connection” brochure. This provides a simplified guide to your choices and next steps on this important journey. Click to download your PDF copy.


Supporting you in creating change

Phone: +61 (0) 409 690 701
Unit 1, 93 Mulga Road, Oatley NSW 2223

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