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Finding ways through depression for a life of meaning, joy and vitality

Sometimes to start over we need guidance. That’s when insight and experience can really make difference.  

Whether you are seeking to find purpose again, or you’re at a crossroads in your life, or feeling despair, I can help. 

Carmel Catanuto

Hi, I’m Carmel Catanuto

I help people face big life changes. I want you to know it is possible to feel good about life and I can show you how to reclaim it for yourself again. 

I’m a Therapist
People often comment, how can you listen to people's problems all day? It can be challenging at times, but for me working as a therapist is deeply rewarding and I am constantly inspired by my clients.

How I help
My clients change and transform their lives through the work we do together. It’s all about having the right tools and strageies — let me guide you toward creating the changes you want. 

I know what it's like to be depressed and as a therapist I appreciate how hard it can be to believe things will change. I‘ve experienced life from both sides. Now every week I watch my clients learn and grow from their experiences, master new stretgies and become free. You can too.

Having a resilient spirit is not just trying to tough it out.

There is a resilience to the human spirit. I'm passionate at seeing people reconnect to their vitality. When they do, healthy relationships begin to happen and the blocks shift. They begin to flourish authentically.  You and I will find the best way forward for your situation. By the end of this journey you will see the change in your sense of self-worth and confidence.

We all experience feeling low from time-to-time, but it's when we become stuck in that feeling and can’t see a way out. I will show you how to break out of that mind-set.

People see and experience life differently, that's what makes us unique. If depression has become unbearable, painful and hard don’t put-up with it. We will retrograde out of any spirals of depression and head back to a balanced life-style.

People often try to tough it out or handle it alone, just hoping that things will get better; unfortunately that just doesn't work. Having an experienced counsellor to guide you will make a difference.

Having someone to talk to will shift that feeling of being stuck and then remarkable things begin to happen. When you work with me those unwanted layers will be peeled back and I will show you new ways to start again. There are solutions and your life will become clearer.

As your confidence gets stronger you’ll start believing in yourself. It all starts from the inside and can become a whole new way of living.

Counselling is about creating a therapeutic relationship together. You will learn new skills and I will guide you back on track to the joy and the vitality that can be yours.

“BUT am I really depressed?” Here’s the signs


* Sad, unhappy, low mood, feeling down.
* Overwhelmed.
* Frustrated and guilty.
* Lack of focus and concentration.


* I'm not good enough, I'm hopeless.
* Life is better off without me.
* I'm useless, I stuffed this up.
* I'm a fraud, I don't belong.


* Eating, drinking or taking drugs.
* Withdrawing from family, friends and     people
* Unable to focus or concentrate.
* Work or school tasks are failing and falling behind.


* Unable to sleep, sleep is problematic.
* Fluctuations in weight, significant gain or loss.
* Nervous/anxiety in the belly.
* Feeling tired or run down.

Painful persistence of depression can lead to many ongoing issues, such as a lack of identity, sense of purpose, an inability to have meaningful relationships. If you are feeling anxious and fearful, or are unable to cope with life, this is putting stress on your body, mind and spirit.

Depression doesn't have to be a permanent way of living, in fact, it can be a stepping stone to an unshakeable reconnection to your life. I’ll show you how to bring joy and vitality back into your life. It may be a cliché, but it all starts with a conversation. Call me to discuss your situation.

Booking your session with me 

I see clients in Oatley, and I see people online via Zoom. A typical appointment time is 60 minutes. For more details see my FAQs page.

“The therapy sessions I experienced with Carmel were a gentle explorative process of delving into myself. The mind chatter ceased and my body sensations came alive. I was supported in a protective space where I was able to uncover the juicy wisdom that lay beneath.” Client J

IVF brochure

Supporting you in making
a choice in life decisions

Get your free copy of my “Creating change through connection” brochure. This provides a simplified guide to your choices and next steps on this important journey. Click to download your PDF copy.

Secrets we Share podcast

Frances Carleton interviews Carmel Catanuto on the nature of Gestalt Therapy and Art Therapy on Secrets We Share podcast. 
Carmel talks about how her own experience of these therapies that led her into the counselling profession to help others on a similar journey.

Gestalt differs from other therapy forms, and Carmel explains about some of the tools used within the practice. Gestalt does not 'analyse', but uses the moment to bring clarity to confusion.


Supporting you in creating change

Phone: +61 (0) 409 690 701
Unit 1, 93 Mulga Road, Oatley NSW 2223

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