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Creatively combining therapy with expression through art

About Art Therapy 

Art Therapy is a creative way of combining therapeutic theory and art processes to explore and resolve issues, such as self-esteem, making better-informed choices, and reducing the stress in your life.

The benefits of Art Therapy are gained through the insights received and an insightful understanding when there is no clarity. It addresses why you are feeling and behaving in particular ways that don’t work for you. The counselling sessions help by shining a light on issues and help find a resolution.

Art therapy uses art, drawing, imagination, story-telling and role play as a way of getting to know who you are. It is healing and transformative, tapping into an inner resource to create meaning in your life, empowering you to your fullest potential.

In Art therapy, there are no artistic skills required, just raw imagination and a willingness to create. The techniques used include guided journeys, visualisations and reflection.

Types of Art Therapy 

Individual Art Therapy Sessions 

Each therapy session begins by reflection of a core issue. The theraptic process will addess what’s concerning you and I witness this through listening and observing the images that emerge.

Art therapy can be used as a true expression of your unique inner world, giving you information through imagery, symbols, and story. The work allows you to explore issues affecting your life, access a deeper wisdom, and in turn provides insights to life experiences.

Diversity is strength and difference is a teacher. Hannah Gadsby.

Group Art Therapy Sessions 

An opportunity to express creatively and engage deeply in this process. The exploration of life issues, dreaming and manifesting, a safe and creative outlet for people to learn, participate and be in a community that supports each other’s journey. Putting imagery where words fail, allowing the unconscious to speak through drawing, movement, clay and much more.

The Art Therapy sessions I experienced were a gentle explorative process of delving into myself. The mind chatter ceased and my body sensations came alive. I was supported in a protective space where I was able to uncover the juicy wisdom that lay beneath.  Mary S.


Secrets we Share podcast

Frances Carleton interviews Carmel Catanuto on the nature of Gestalt Therapy and Art Therapy on Secrets We Share podcast. 
Art Therapy has been one of Carmel's areas of specialisation. Carmel talks about how her own experience of using Art Therapy that led her to counsel others on a similar journey.

Gestalt Therapy combines beautifully with Art Therapy and Carmel offers insights about some of the tools used within the practice.


Supporting you in creating change

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I'm flexible and understanding. The bottom line is it is your therapy, and you make the decisions of what you want to get out of your time together.

If you resonate with me and my approach, contact me for a free, no-obligation, 15-minute phone call. You can tell me your problems and I will let you know how I can help.

If we decide to work together, we'll book a therapy session in my Oatley or Newtown office or via video conference.


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