About Carmel

About Carmel

Becoming a TherapistCarmel Catanuto Head Shot
Many years ago, I wanted a healthy loving relationship but kept getting into dysfunctional ones that didn’t meet my needs.

I came to believe that something was “wrong” with me and that I was “unworthy of love”.

I was tired of struggling and so set about on a mission to study counselling and work with a counsellor to better understand myself and why I kept getting into unhealthy relationships.

I took to counselling like a duck in water. I uncovered deep layers of unconscious beliefs and patterns that were the source of my relationship problems.

My goals as a therapist are to help you pull yourself up from despair and to strengthen your sense of self-worth as I have.

My passion for being a therapist

It feels sacred to connect with my clients intimately in their vulnerability and pain. I feel honoured to be able to help them improve their inner worlds.

It’s special to witness the resilience of the human spirit, and it fills me with joy at seeing people blossom into their depth and vitality.

I’m passionate about interrupting inter-generational pain. By helping you overcome your difficulties and unhelpful patterns, together, we break the cycle for future generations.

Why Work With Me?
My Key Attributes

I’m a calm, gentle, and compassionate counsellor who “holds space” for you with humility, integrity, and creativity.

My clients tell me that I am non-judgmental, unbiased, and neutral. I don’t take sides, which allows you the space to work on your problems at your own pace.

I listen deeply to your troubles and sensitively invite you to heal the deeper layers of yourself as you feel ready to do so. I’m highly intuitive and aim to be 100% present with you and your truth. I understand what it is like to have had low self-worth and to break free of it to develop a happy and confident self.

My commitment to learning and self-development means that “I walk my talk.” I read personal growth books and regularly attend personal development workshops.

Therapy Credentials & Associations

GANZ - gestalt Australia and New Zealnd
hope + heal
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Clinical member: 23714.

Specialised Therapy Training in:

My Interests and Activities

I love to sing and take singing lessons.

I’m interested in nutrition and cooking.

I’m part of a conscious community and attend artistic events to express creatively such as dance, art, singing concerts and spiritual events.

I have a passion for psychodrama and have facilitated groups at South Pacific Private.

I offer art therapy retreats for women who have been victims of domestic violence through a charity organisation called, Hope and Heal.

I cherish my friends and family and my cat, Saffron.

My future vision is to bring connection to people who feel lost and to do that through creativity and humour that builds trust and a sense of peace.