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Support on your IVF journey

Support for women with their choices and next steps

Be supported

Whether you are taking the first steps on your IVF journey, or you are returning to try again, or you have made the decision to let IVF go, I help to support women with their choices and next steps. 

I’m Carmel Catanuto, I offer counselling and support for women with their choices around IVF by using psychotherapy. I undertook many cycles of IVF as a single woman wanting to conceive. Going through the numerous rounds and not conceiving was devastating, but I had the sort of loving counsel and support that really helped.

Whether your journey is easy or challenging, or you’ve made the decision to stop, there will be depths to be navigated. Counselling helped me to make sense of this unfamiliar terrain I found myself in.

I use my own experiences and my therapy training to support women to find their inner-compass for the decisions they make. I use a holistic empathetic counselling style. This is the best way to resonate with each woman’s unique experience.

The calm 

It probably goes without saying that calm helps. Having someone with experience will make you less anxious and more relaxed. Counselling saved me from falling apart at the critical stage of returning to the IVF program. Because IVF has many schedules that get imposed on you, you can quickly feel vulnerable. Having someone who understands and listens to you at each stage of the journey if helpful. Having someone to guide to you is what my counselling provides.:

I am connected to a community of therapists who may specialise in a particular area you’d like support with if I’m unable to help with a specific issue. Our 15-minute phone consultation will help me gain an understanding of what you are wanting and a plan can be worked out.

What to expect  

A telephone or skype call I find is a good place to start. I offer a free introductory counselling conversation to hear from you and what you need.

From here, I offer a planned series of in-person sessions to coincide with your preparation and follow-up to your IVF appointments.

I’m not sure I could have faced each IVF appointment with so much uncertainty if I hadn’t found someone who understood me. Seeing someone helped to guide me each step of the way. Having a therapist to help support my decisions at each stage of the journey not just got me through it, it empowered me.

How I can help 

Managing stress and finding calm is like decluttering your thoughts. Mindfulness is not just a buzz word; it’s a teachable process we will use. It will help you to feel clear-headed and more confident. My sessions provide a non-judgemental space where you can share your fears and dreams.

I use Gestalt therapy 

Gestalt therapy helps to bring awareness to your thoughts, body sensations and your emotional responses. I have been using this therapy for over three years to help bring calmness and clarity to my mind and body; and I can help guide you to do the samet.

Why I choose to support womens’ choices? 

I’m a qualified Gestalt therapist, with counselling and art therapy certification. These are the practises I used while undertaking many cycles of the IVF program. I also facilitate women’s circles and therapy for groups and individuals. 

I best resonated while working with women who, like me, were seeking to find the courage to take the next step in their choices. During good times and hard times, I can be there for you too.

Contacting me 

You don’t need to feel alone on this journey. Call me for a free 15 minute conversation to discuss your situation and any questions you have. Carmel Catanuto: 0409 690 701 


Secrets we Share podcast

Frances Carleton interviews Carmel Catanuto on the nature of Gestalt Therapy and Art Therapy on Secrets We Share podcast. 
Therapy for women undertaking the IVF program has been one of Carmel's areas of specialisation. Carmel talks about how her own experience of the IVF program that led her to counsel others on a similar journey.

Gestalt differs from other therapy forms, and Carmel explains about some of the tools used within the practice. Gestalt does not 'analyse', but uses the moment to bring clarity to confusion.

IVF brochure

Support on your IVF Journey

Get your free copy of my “Support on your IVF Journey” brochure. This provides a simplified guide to your choices and next steps on this important journey. Click to download your PDF copy.


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